About Us

Gateway Animal Care Center is the 6th CDC-approved Animal Care Facility in the United States, and the only CDC Animal Care Facility (ACF) for the Philadelphia Port of Entry. It is a fully-bonded, CBP-approved Container Freight Station.

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For those bringing a pet into the United States from a high-risk rabies country, Gateway Animal Care Center provides safe, 24/7, climate-controlled transportation from PHL airport, as well as kenneling/quarantine/isolation services, and humane care for dogs and cats during their stay. We also facilitate all necessary veterinary treatment, including the CDC-required USDA veterinary exam and Rabies re-vaccination needed to gain entry into the United States.

Gateway Animal Care Center was founded in 2023 specifically to aid the CDC in accommodating dogs arriving into the Philadelphia Port of Entry from high-risk rabies countries, but we are far from being new to the animal care industry. Our kennel facility belongs to our sister adoption agency, National Greyhound Adoption Program. NGAP has been caring for, housing and adopting greyhounds and other dogs/sighthounds since 1989. We have successfully adopted over 8500 greyhounds and numerous other dog breeds into loving homes. With our long history and experience, we consider ourselves experts in the animal care field. A portion of NGAP’s kennel has been allocated specifically for Gateway Animal Care Center, and the two entities share staff members and resources. National Greyhound Adoption Program continues to rescue greyhounds and sighthounds in need from around the world, and find loving homes for them.

Across the hall from Gateway’s kennel, we also operate a full-service veterinary practice, Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic. This thriving, non-profit practice has been open to the public since 1996, and serves all pets in the community. Our USDA-accredited veterinarians at Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic provide all veterinary services for Gateway Animal Care Center.

Gateway Animal Care Center, National Greyhound Adoption Program and Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic are all operated by the same entity, and conduct business out of the same state-of-the art facility.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We are here to help!

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